Women Have Many Options When It Comes To Underwear Styles

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Women today have a lot of options when it comes to underwear styles. From thongs to boyshorts and the inevitable granny panties, there is something for every woman. Different patterns and fabrics can be used in the production of these garments. Quite simply, there’s no reason to get caught in a rut when it comes to underwear styles. It’s good to try out some new things. Styles that you may have not considered in the past might actually be appealing or more comfortable now. There’s a bit of a revolution as well, as more underwear styles are arguably more unisex than they were before. There’s no reason that any style needs to be only used by a subset of people and the response has been pretty emphatic. This article highlights what each underwear style looks like and some popular materials and designs.

1 - Thongs

Thongs are a type of underwear in which the fabric and the string that holds the pants up only intersects at one point. From behind, you can see a thin band going between someone's cheeks. They are typically made from polyester or nylon. These types of undergarments are comfortable to some people, but others dislike them greatly. They may not feel great when wet. Thongs are often the go-to underwear style for women who wear tight clothing or leggings because you cannot see them through your clothes. Thongs are an excellent choice if you want to avoid visible panty lines (VPL).

2 - Boyshorts

Boyshorts are a style of underwear that is similar to panties but has more fabric and coverage. They do not look like the usual boyshorts you would find in children's clothing. However, the front looks much like any other pair of women's underwear, with an extra piece of material covering the hip area. They are solidly comfortable and a good choice for most people. 

3 - Granny Panties

Granny underwear refers to various styles of women's undergarments that do not show rear or side views. The name has been used to describe a variety of underwear styles in the past. Regular old granny panties are a style where there is a single piece of fabric for each leg. The back has a large piece of fabric that covers your butt. Unlike boyshorts, granny panties are baggy, and there is no extra material over either the hip area or the front. Granny panties are made from cotton, making them very comfortable. However, they can be unflattering for some women because they are loose-fitting.

4 - Lace Underwear

Lace underwear is another popular choice among women who want added coverage or love wearing pretty things. The fabric has delicate patterns and designs woven into it, seen from both front and back. Silky materials like nylon and polyester are often used when making lace underwear.

5 - Briefs

Briefs are a type of underwear that has more coverage than most other styles. They can be made from cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex. Such fabrics make them very versatile when it comes to the types of outfits you wear with them. The back is usually covered in its entirety, so there won't be any revealing panty lines showing when you wear them. Most briefs have a V-like shape in the crotch area.

6 - Minimal Coverage Underwear

Minimal coverage underwear is a new style gaining popularity among women who want to feel free and comfortable in their clothes. Brands describe them as "comfortable" and "flexible." They can be made from cotton or spandex. Details about the wearer are not visible when wearing minimal coverage underwear, but this can vary depending on the style. Some brands have very minimal styles, while others guarantee coverage of 90%.

7 - Cheeky

Cheeky bikinis are a style of women's underwear that keeps the rear and side views covered. They can be made from cotton, nylon, spandex, or polyester, making them very versatile in terms of what you wear with them. Cheeky bikinis don't leave much to the imagination and can be a bit revealing for some women. Still, they're incredibly comfortable and great for people who want freedom of movement without having to worry about panty lines or showing skin.

8 - Control Top

If you're looking for underwear with a bit more coverage, control top panties can be perfect. They come in many different styles, like bikinis and briefs. Control tops are great if your goal is to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs. Control tops offer light shaping through compression, which smooths out unsightly lumps and bumps. The back of the panties usually has a high waist design. However, some styles come with hipster cuts, making them more comfortable depending on your personal preferences. The control top underwear has either full or partial coverage.