Why Shouldn't Your Wallet Carry Everything and Look Great Doing It?

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Many men and women take wallets for granted. Whether you’re carrying one inside of a pocket or a purse, a wallet is incredibly important. Wallets store important financial devices and identification.

For most people, losing their wallet can be devastating and an incredible hassle. 

For many people, wallets are more than just utilitarian. Wallets can provide a glimpse of your style. They are a great accessory that you may only pull out every so often. However, when you do, people are often surprised and impressed by your wallet. It’s always nice to hear “oh, that’s a nice wallet” as you’re paying for dinner. There’s many different types of wallets that a person can choose from. Which one you choose could impact your day to day life. 

Types of Wallets

As mentioned there are so many different forms of wallets. Picking one can be hard. What follows is a list of some of the most common types of wallets and money conveyances that are available today. Some are well known, others may be surprising. 

  • Bi-fold (Billfold) - This is a simple design of a wallet which folds in half once. It’s the most popular and common wallet style that most people do. While these are usually made of leather, there’s also plenty of synthetic options as well. 
  • Tri-fold - The tri fold wallet has three sections which fold along two creases instead of the single fold in a bi-fold. This can result in a smaller area of the wallet, though often makes them thicker. 
  • Money Clip - While not that great at holding many things, a money clip can function as a simple wallet for people who like to carry cash. They keep all your paper currency in one place. In some cases, they might also have a clip for a single credit or identification card. 
  • Card Holders - These are the inverse of the money clip as they are wallets designed purely for identification and credit cards. There’s no need for a billfold since there’s no bills being carried. 
  • RFID Wallets - RFID is the process in which payment is made from credit and debit cards with only a tap. Some scammers have created devices to try to copy the RFID signature of people’s cards. This type of wallet contains a blocking effect that ensures there’s no chance of that occurring. 
  • Lightweight Wallets - These can also be called the “minimalist” wallet. Many can be made out of different materials which allows them to be small and carried in a front pocket comfortably. The goal of a minimalist wallet is to keep you only carrying essential items like your ID and payment cards in a very thin form. 

Choosing a Wallet

Some people choose a single wallet and use it for every occasion. While that may seem like a good idea, it’s often a much better choice to have a few different types of wallets. This can allow you to carry only what is required, while you keep other important things safe. The type of wallet you choose will depend on your comfort level and on space. When using a large purse, there’s room for any kind of wallet. Men using a back or front pocket will find their space more limited. Most men are now opting for smaller and thinner wallets. The gigantic thick leather wallet that carried everything and altered a person’s spine when sitting is seemingly going extinct. Wallets also may not need to carry quite so many things thanks to alternative pay methods directly from smart devices like phones and wallets.