Which Shaving Subscription Boxes Offer the Best Options

Discover what thousands of other people have found out about shaving subscription boxes. Not only is receiving all shaving essentials by mail much more convenient than heading out to the store, but consumers will also save a significant amount of money.

These shaving subscription boxes are available in a wide variety of price points, giving users the flexibility to meet all budgeting parameters. Subscribers can choose a box that is designed for men, women, or one that offers products for any gender. Most boxes run with a monthly schedule, ensuring that subscribers never run out of new razors. Some of the services even offer a variety of other shaving essentials such as creams, balms, and moisturizers. With so many options, it can be challenging to figure out what service is the best fit for a specific personal budget and shaving need. Here are five of the best shaving subscription boxes and the services that they offer to consumers.

1 - Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is widely regarded as the leader in the industry of subscription shaving boxes. What launched as a razor subscription brand has now expanded its services to include grooming products for skincare, haircare, oral health, and more. The Dollar Shave Club markets its products to men looking for a value-driven service to meet all of their shaving needs. This popular service offers three different razors to choose from, including the humble twin, the gender-neutral X blade, and the premium executive option. All boxes ring in at less than $10 per shipment once the handle has been purchased.

2 - Harry's

This shaving subscription box provides an emphasis on quality and simplicity. Like most clubs, users will receive a starter pack that includes a handle and blades. Harry's features two types of handles and one singular cartridge style. Subscribers will then receive eight new cartridges for $15 every two, three, or five months. This allows maximum customization of shipment frequency. Consumers can also choose to add a variety of grooming products to their shipment. While these products may cost a little more, Harry's is a good choice for those that value quality.

3 - Billie

Targeted at women, the mission of the Billie boxes is to provide razors and grooming products for females at an affordable price. The $9 starter kit comes with a handle, two cartridges, and a magnetic holder engineered to keep the razor safely stored in the shower. Subscribers then choose the frequency of blade refill packages. Each refill comes with four cartridges and also costs $9. In addition to razor handles and blades, Billie also offers products such as body wash, lotion, and shaving cream. Women will appreciate the handles that are available in fun and flirty colors.

4 - Bevel

This box is specifically designed for men of color. The razors are engineered to meet the needs of men with coarse facial hair. The shaving kit replicates a classic barbershop experience with its shaving brush, skin oil, cream, and a soothing aftershave balm. Every product contains moisturizing oils formulated to mitigate razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs. The single-blade safety razor is part of the complete kit offered at $82. Bevel will then send refills of all of the elements as requested.

5 - Gillette on Demand

For a traditional drugstore option, many people simply prefer the classic Gillette on Demand. With this service, subscribers can choose from three tiers for men or the women's Venus offerings. The competitive prices and convenient shipping options take the hassle out of having to remember to pick up razors while at the store. Users can also choose from a variety of flexible shipping options, allowing customization based on usage. Gillette on Demand is a good choice for consumers who want a budget-conscious option without all of the fancy frills.