Owning One of the Best Massage Chairs Means At Home Relaxation

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It’s no secret that the average person spends more time at home than they do in an office. So why not have a massage chair waiting for them when they get there? It may sound like a luxury, but there are plenty of reasons to invest in one. Chances are you spend hours each day sitting in your car, on your couch or desk chair, and at your kitchen table. If this sounds familiar, then it's time to invest in one of the best massage chairs. A massage chair can take all of those uncomfortable seats and make it all go away in blissful comfort. Whether the chair offers a heated massage or not doesn’t even matter. This article will look at several of the best massage chairs on the market today. 

1 - Osaki OS-7200

One of the most popular massage chairs on the market is from Osaki. The OS-7200 has some impressive features that make it a clear winner. Osaki massage chairs have become so popular because they look more like furniture rather than an obtrusive piece of machinery. They feel more natural and it is easier to integrate them into your home. The 7200 has 4 massage modes- knead, tap, posture and air. It also comes with heat for your back and neck which feels great in the cold winter months when you feel like you’re turning into a prune.

2 - Panasonic EP1285K

This chair has become so popular because it works on nearly every part of your body. You can control the massage nodes to target any point in your body for a deep tissue massage. This chair has 2 types of massages- kneading and shiatsu. It also has airbags that provide deeper compression which helps drain the muscles before they tighten up after a long night on the couch. It has 6 pre-programmed settings for different types of techniques that you can use to massage your body.

3 - Fujutaki FD-6800

This chair is great because it comes with automatic foot rollers and a head massager to provide a full sensory experience that feels incredible after a long day at work. You can recline and stretch your legs out comfortably because of the leg extension feature which makes it easier to clean underneath the chair. The foot rollers have three different speed settings so you can switch up your massage routine to fit your needs. It has a remote control so you can change the intensity of the massage with ease.

4 - Ivation IV-9800

This massage chair has a therapeutic air compression system that takes the hard work out of trying to stretch and relax at home. You can control the intensity and strength of this system with the remote control giving you ultimate flexibility in your routine. The airbags provide massages on both sides of your body, meaning you can target specific muscles for relief. The chair will not drain your wallet either because it has a massaging foot roller and calf massager which you can activate with the touch of a button.

5 - Panasonic EP1685WH

This is another great massage chair by Panasonic that is perfect for those who spend hours in their car every day, whether it be for work or play. The seat has a heating system that is perfect for cooling off muscles after a long drive and can drain away any signs of fatigue in your legs. It also comes with air compression technology so you can get an intense massage at home just like when you’re at work.

6 - Panasonic EP1385L

This chair is great because it provides massage programs you can use to target specific muscles. Some chairs have different modes but this one has four built-in programs- knead, shiatsu, tap, and pulse. The intensity of the program will depend on your personal preference so you don’t feel like you are getting a deep tissue massage when you only want a gentle release.

7 - Human Touch iJoy-2580

The best massage chairs are those that drain away any kinks and pains throughout your body so you can relax, rejuvenate and reinvigorate over time. Check out the iJoy-2580 because it has incredibly powerful air compression technology to drain away any tension. It also has a rolling massage so you can get the muscles in your back released with ease. To top it all off, the chair comes with heat for your neck and shoulder area which is great after a long day at work.