Men's Winter Apparel Helps Keep Them Warm

main of Men's Winter Apparel Helps Keep Them Warm

Your sense of fashion shouldn't change when seasons change. Winter is beautiful, yet chilly enough that it could make you drop some of your fancy clothes. Instead, you will be inclined more to thicker and heavy-layered garments as you try to keep warm.

Will you still feel fashionable in such clothing? Maybe, maybe not! Many designs factor in the latest fashion trends while still bearing in mind the cold season. While different clothes are tailor-made for the winter season, it will help if you know what to look out for when settling for warm apparel clothes.

Think of a scenario where you prefer putting on a polyester undershirt instead of cotton layered one. In this case, you might explore your options, considering how the clothing will serve you perfectly when temperatures vary. Following are the core garments!

Core garments

When planning out your winter apparel, there’s several items that are the staples of a man’s wardrobe. Some of these include: 

  1. Pea Coat - This jacket was traditionally associated with military personnel but has become modernized and is stylish for men. A pea coat is made of at least 60% of wool that guarantees warmth. This coat has inner and outer pockets (pocketing can make you feel warm). Pea coats are timeless, stylish options that compliment almost every outwear –you can pair them with jeans, a suit, or other light-colored outfits.
  2. Wool Overcoats - Though costly, a wool overcoat is stylish and perfect for winter seasons. You can choose from different lengths and colors –bold colors make a stylish outwear. Wool overcoats describe a well-dressed man.
  3. Anorak or Parka - Parkas originate from Inuit tribe outerwear and can be puffer style or light depending on the designer. These hooded coats are warm and perfect for colder seasons. You can find trendy Parkas in almost every men's wear store.
  4. Sweaters - You cannot go wrong with sweaters if you want to remain fashionable during winter. You can find woolen and cotton sweaters that are warm and easy to maintain. The good thing about sweaters is that they perfectly match any attire and come in different designs like quarter-zipped, V-necked, shawl-collar, and roll-necked. If you feel like splurging, the warmth and feel of cashmere is hard to beat. 
  5. Black pants - There are different fabric pants designed to retain warmth. You can brace for the cold season with black and dull pants. If you are wondering how to brighten this outfit while remaining warm, you can complement this attire with leather jackets or a pair of boots. You can remain stylish with this casual look.


Some of the popular brands you can visit to pick stylish men's clothing include:

  1. Outerknown - Outerknown is Kelly Slater's and John Moore's idea to create a brand that gears toward stylish sportswear and clothing perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand deals with quality redefining clothing. You will find a wide selection of coats, jumpers, knit sweaters, pants, and trousers. Winter-friendly shirts designed from organic cotton are also available. Outerknown also manufactures and designs garments from Econyl – sustainable fibers from fishnets.
  2. Smartwool - This fashion brand has been in existence for over two decades specializing in suitable designer clothing for outdoor fanatics. Initially, the company wanted to manufacture warm socks for skiing and even conceptualized this by designing the first merino wool socks. Smartwool deals with clothing, mainly designed from merino wool, perfect for cold and outdoor events. Most of their garments are designed using Ph.D. Ultra-Light technology for effortless movements.
  3. Aether - Jonah Smith and Palmer West were sparked by inadequate outdoor apparel in the industry and came up with Aether. They were looking for something that would counter the available quality. Aether has been designing excellent apparel you can blend with other attires for casual wear. This brand is renowned for designing clothes based on advanced technology that can be perfect for chilly weather. Most of their jackets have extra padding for heat insulation. Their coats also have stylish detachable hoods perfect for cooler temperatures.
  4. Saturdays NYC - This company specializes in clothing that perfectly suits winter weather. As a global brand, Saturdays NYC designs warm, fashionable winter jackets. You can also check out their collection of sweatshirts and sweatpants suitable for cold temperatures.