Great Recipe Books Provide Plenty of Meal Options

main of Great Recipe Books Provide Plenty of Meal Options

Throughout the years, the recipe book has become a kitchen staple. Whether it's planning a backyard barbecue or an intimate date night dinner, this trusty tool is the ultimate go-to for all things food.

A truly great recipe book will provide multiple meal options. Some offer measurement guides and others provide tips and tricks on how to maneuver through the kitchen. The visual pages inside are stunning. A book of recipes can be compared to a history book. Neatly printed on the pages, a simple recipe can bring back a taste of nostalgia. Recipe books can be passed down from generation to generation, keeping mouth watering meals on the table for decades. There is quite the variety when it comes to recipe books. The menu is never-ending, with books tailored to individual needs and interests.

Recipe Books for Vegans/Vegetarians

Clean eating has become a way of life for many people. With the need for cooking advice and new meal plans, vegan and vegetarian recipe books are available everywhere. They are exploding with raw food goodness for the entire family. Rawsome Vegan Baking brings organic ingredients together in a delicious way. It is an "un-cooked" collection of recipes that will wow anyone's taste buds. The book features a photograph for each recipe. How To Cook Everything Vegetarian serves up over 2000 different veggie filled recipes. That is almost two years worth of new meals without having to ever try something twice! Fresh produce can be a little on the pricey side. The Low Budget Vegetarian offers healthy recipes to people stretching their food budget. A recipe book makes a great gift for new vegans and vegetarians.

Recipe Books for Specialty Diets

Preparing meals for someone with a special diet can be tricky. Many specialty diets eliminate food groups and every day ingredients. This can make cooking complicated. The recipe books available today show readers how to enjoy their food. There are several options to choose from regardless of what special diet is needed. The Low Cholesterol Cookbook and Action Plan not only has recipes geared at lowering cholesterol, but there is a 4 week plan of action to assist as well. Cooking for someone who has a gluten allergy is simple with the 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes book. Inside, there are all-purpose recipes for a gluten free diet. Special occasions and international recipes are included as well. The all-American meals found inside this book are fan favorites. Weight loss/gain programs offer recipe books most of the time. This encourages the participants by giving them the recipes they need to stay on track.

Celebrity Recipe Books

Famous celebrities from all over are sharing their beloved recipes with the world. Celebrity chefs have served up everything from Emeril's Creole Christmas, to Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals. Some of them have included the meals they prepare on their TV show, in their books. Celebrity chefs may be known for their recipe books, but they aren't the only ones sharing their love of food. Trisha Yearwood, Reese Witherspoon and Al Roker have all let us into their kitchens. Snoop Dogg's recipe book, From Crook To Cook, features "platinum recipes from tha boss dogg's kitchen". There are 50 recipes from his personal collection, including Lobster Thermidor. Elvis Presley, the King himself, had a cookbook published. Fit for a King features meals he enjoyed at his home in Graceland. Black and white photos line the pages of this gem. There are even meals published from his famous wedding with Priscilla.

While some people enjoy their food spicy and others have a giant sweet tooth. Some people have diet restrictions, while others prefer organic. If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it's food! Sharing recipes with friends and family can bring back old times and make new memories. Homemade recipe books make great gifts. Compile recipes from friends, family and neighbors and let everyone enjoy. Recipe books are a must have for any kitchen.