Effortless Hair Removal is the Result of Using a Great Shaving Kit and Razor

main of Effortless Hair Removal is the Result of Using a Great Shaving Kit and Razor

Shaving is a necessity for men and women who want to keep their skin smooth and hair-free. It can be an irritating, time-consuming process if one is not using the right shaving kit and razor. The key to effortless hair removal is the correct tools! By using the right tools, one can keep their skin smooth and hair-free in no time. The best part is that it will likely not damage one's skin in any way! The best shaving kits are those that have all of the necessary items in one package. The most common packages contain a razor with multiple blades and some moisturizing gel or cream for use after hair removal. This article will discuss which shaving kits are best for one's needs, as well as what type of razor blade will give the user the closest shave with minimal irritation.

Shaving Kits

  1. Deluxe Shaving Kit - The deluxe shaving kit is perfect for men, women, and teens who want to maintain smooth skin. It is an affordable option that comes with everything one needs all in one package! The kit includes a shaving gel or cream, exfoliating scrubber on the end of the handle, double-blade razor head with cover for travel purposes, moisturizing after-shave lotion (or body spray), as well as some storage bags or boxes. They range from $12 - 25 US Dollars on “The Art of Shaving” and Amazon depending on which additional items are included in each product's version of the deluxe shaving kit.
  2. Lavender Shaving Travel Kit - This shaving kit is perfect for women who want to look and feel feminine while having a smooth shave. The lavender scent in this version of the deluxe shaving kit will leave one feeling clean and refreshed! This kit features a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, signature shaving brush, and a razor blade. For those looking for the best gift to give their ladies, this shaving kit will make them feel like they are pampering themselves while serving as a reminder of how much they are loved and cared for. This kit goes for $100 on “The Art of Shaving”, but is worth every penny!
  3. Bevel Shave System Starter Kit - This shave kit is a game-changer for people looking to change the way they shave and look. The kit contains balm, primer, shaving brush, a double-edge safety razor with guide combs (for beginners), and a travel bag for storage purposes. The starter kits sell on Amazon for over $50, but is well worth it. The kit allows one to get a close shave without irritation and moisturize their skin simultaneously! For those with sensitive or dry skin, this kit will help get rid of all that unwanted hair with less effort.
  4. Sandalwood Shaving Kit - For men and women who prefer the manly scent of sandalwood, this shaving kit is perfect! It comes with pre-shave oil, after-shave balm (or body lotion), triple-milled soap in an oak bowl, and a double edge safety razor. This is another excellent option for those who want to look their best while maintaining smooth skin. This kit is durable and affordable at $100 at “The Art of Shaving” in New York and other retailers. It includes all necessary items in one package. Sandalwood shaving kit is one of the primary items one should possess for it improves hygiene and helps them be well-groomed.

Types of Razors

Disposable razors are perfect for those who only want to use them on occasion or while traveling. The razor handle usually has an ergonomic grip for one's fingers to hold onto and control the razor as they shave. Disposable razors are cheap, but one risks getting a razor burn or irritation when using them. Bic disposable razors are the best under this category and go for around $12 at retailers.

Cartridge razors are the most popular and common type of manual razors on the market. Schick Hydro5 Sense is an example of the best cartridge razors and costs only $. Cartridge razors provide a close shave but do not last long if one shaves every day. The more blades there are, the closer of a shave one will get while using it! While the razors themselves are cheap, the refill razors can add up. 

Electric razors are perfect for people who want an even shave in less time. The electric razor provides a close shave and is much faster than cartridge or disposable razors. It does not leave behind any nicks, cuts, or irritation because the hair falls right out of its own volition! One of the best budget razors one can get is Philips Norelco Electric Shaver and Trimmer, which retails around $50. 

For those who want a close and smooth shave without the use of shaving cream or water, heated razors are perfect! There is no need to mess with lathering up or using an after-shave lotion afterward because the heated razor will moisturize one's skin as they shave! Heated razors can be used in the shower because they are waterproof. One of the best heated razors on the market today is the GilletteLabs heated razor. It retails around $200.