A Day In a Dune Buggy Will Make Anyone Smile

main of A Day In a Dune Buggy Will Make Anyone Smile

Imaging zipping around the beach in an exciting two seat vehicle built just for the sand. Dune buggies are incredibly fun to drive. Combine that with a day of nice weather at the beach and it really is one of the most enjoyable recreational activities you can partake of. 

In the far past, you had to make your own dune buggy. These days, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the dune buggy world thanks to online shopping. In some cases you can buy a dune buggy outright and just go straight to the beach. There’s plenty of ways to get the parts you need to make your own dune buggy and get out on the sand where you want to be! 

What Classifies as a Dune Buggy

The original dune buggies started back in the 1950s. People would take all the heavy frames of their cars off. From there, they’d put on some big off roading tires. Suddenly they could drive around on the beach and fling themselves over the dunes. These were especially popular when using Volkswagen Beetles, hence the name “buggy”.

Today, any vehicle designed to drive on beaches that vaguely fits the dune buggy ethos qualifies. There are some variations for swamps and other areas. The main goal of any altered buggy is to ensure that it can travel areas that normal cars would struggle to do. 

Most dune buggies retain the classic features of the originals. Like the beetles that were altered, they have the engine in the rear. They also have very large wheels for such a vehicle, ensuring traction in the sand. Shocks are obviously very important as well. Going over a dune with speed will result in some air. You need to absorb the impact. 

Buying a Dune Buggy

Buying a dune buggy outright is both simpler and more difficult than you might expect. In most cases, they aren’t sold outright by too many different companies. Most of them are offshoots of ATVs that are built off of an ATV chassis rather than a small car base that’s been stripped down. That being said, they are still a ton of fun to get out there! 

Some of the manufacturers you should look out for include Polaris, Can-Am, Drakart and BMS. Typically, power will vary between 40 and 140 horsepower. That may not seem like a lot, but consider how light a dune buggy is and it’s more than enough to reach some great speeds. If you’re really into overpowering your beach buggy, there are expensive ($50,000 to $200,000) options which might stick a 500 horsepower V8 in your buggy. While certainly an option, you can still get the real joy of a dune buggy without spending that kind of cash. 

Buying Parts To Make Your Own Dune Buggy

Are you someone who likes the thought of creating your own dune buggy? In most cases you will need some vehicle knowledge. The good news is that dune buggies are fairly stripped down. There’s no need to purchase expensive interior computers. Basically, a light frame with an engine strapped to it and some wheels is enough! Arguably the best place to go to get the parts you need is online. Many online retailers stock a large amount of parts. Most of these parts are VW in manufacture, so you have the classic. That being said, there’s parts for any design you want to create. 

The other option for a dune buggy is a full kit car. This will arrive with every party and instruction to make your own dune buggy. This can often be a better choice for people who have limited experience working on cars and vehicles. It’s also a great way to get involved in dune buggying.